Quinta do Carmo

The project envisages the creation of two new hospitality units within a rural property used mainly for touristic purposes, as well as some improvements and extensions to the existing structures. The domestic and agricultural vernacular architecture were used as support for the creation of new buildings that should be inserted in a green rural context with scattered buildings from different periods.




A terrace with external stairs to access a house on the upper floor are recurrent elements in the traditional rural houses of the Azores. We were also fascinated by the lava stone constructions, called “Mirantes” that punctuates the local fruit farms. These characteristic features gave rise to “Casa Mirante” or Belvedere House, a ground floor studio with an exterior access to a terrace, where guests can enjoy greater privacy and a new view towards the south coast and the ocean.

On the second typology, “Casa Torre” or Tower House, the social area is on the ground floor, while the bedroom is in the upper level getting the best views. The asymmetric roof enriches the interior space and shapes the volume so that it appears more integrated in the ensemble. By dividing the program into two floors the garden area was liberated, giving greater amplitude and sense of privacy between the units.

It was therefore sought to incorporate elements that identify the vernacular architecture of the Azores in a sober modern architecture with a functional base where both comfort and harmony with the surrounding context prevail, seeking to highlight the potential of the place.

03-vista frente.jpg02-chegada.jpg05-interna.jpg05-vista mirante.jpg01-contexto.jpg06-externa


PROJECT: Quinta do Carmo

TYPOLOGY: guest houses, hospitality

ARCHITECTURE:  Mezzo Atelier / Joana de Oliveira, Giacomo Mezzadri

COLLABORATORS: Alberto Giancani, Sabrina Sobreiro

YEAR: 2018

LOCATION: Feteiras, S. Miguel Island (pt)


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