VV Apartment

Mezzo Atelier has been commissioned to design and produce custom made furniture for an apartment in Milan with an open social area and kitchen.

The rectangular shaped living area communicates with the kitchen in one part and gave space for a home office on the other end. By the dining area the wall was filled with a sideboard and book case unit to store part of the 40 meters of books the clients owns.

On the opposite side of the living room there is the home office, which consists in one long desk with a closed cabinet and drawer, and 2 hanging volumes with open and closed compartments for storage.

The structure’s units is made of steel kept raw, and plywood was used for the closings and shelving. The desk and the sideboard got a different finishing, the plywood was carbonised by using the Japanese method Shou sugi ban. The desk’s top is in linoleum for furniture.

base assonometria APVV-01




Custom made Furnishings by Mezzo Atelier
Architecture by Amedeo Canziani
Photos by Mezzo Atelier
Location: Milan (IT)
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