Observation Tower

In the natural and wild environment of the Pape Park in Latvia, a thin structure emerges by the lake. Its materiality evoque the landscape around with its earthy and dry tones, but the sharp lines and meticulously studied proportions relate to the human being.



A game of open vs enclosed vs transparency is added with slatted wood panels which create an open façade. From the inside it creates a sense of protection while having the views under control; on the other hand, the outdoor view changes constantly, from total enclosure, to transparency. The metal staircase volume is wide open, keeping half of the structure extremely light and the views open.

/Users/imac/Dropbox/00_2017/18_BIRD tower/02_dwg/torre fronte1.dalc3a7ados-1_50-e1512739038796.jpg

The tower offers three levels of observation:

. the lower base, connected to the bridge, which can be accessible to disabled visitors and offers a close relationship with the aquatic fauna and flora;

. at the second floor, the landscape is captured and framed by three windows pointing different directions. The visitor can feel more protected and hidden by the slatted walls while having great open views over the lake;

. the last one is an open terrace with a 360° view over the park and sky.


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