Marilyn Unseen

“Marilyn Unseen by Milton H. Greene” is a photography exhibition portraying Marilyn Monroe in an intimate and human way, thanks to her close relationship with photographer Milton H. Greene. Part of the featured photos have never been published before, and are the result of several years of restoration work of old damaged films by The Archives, run by the photographer son, Joshua Greene.

Mezzo Atelier was invited to take part on a closed competition to create the exhibition design for “Marilyn Unseen”, to be showcased in two venues in Portugal and was selected to develop the project.


concept 2


axonometria final bambu


foto sequence

The biggest singularity of the exhibited photographs are the way they show the relationship between the photographer and the subject, two friends with a special chemistry from the day they have met. Marilyn lived with Milton, his wife and their baby son Joshua, during four years, which made the bond even stronger. His delicate and intimate way of shooting her, offer us have a glimpse of the person behind the icon.

The project is rooted on the idea of intimacy, recreated trough stylised furniture pieces associated with the domestic realm. The pieces are grouped to form a sequence of several spaces, as if they were rooms in a house. The visitor puts himself on the role of a voyeur, confronted with rooms to discover between the display structures and a screen of vegetation.

The classic “passe-partout” was eliminated, the self-standing pieces are displays and frame the images in depth. In that way, the photos are protected from the busy background of the commercial galleries and help visitors to focus on the subject.


Interview to Joshua Greene . Video by CascaiShopping
Published at Divisare
Exhibition Design  | Mezzo Atelier
Location: Cascais and Algarve (PT)
Area: 500 sqm each venue
Year: 2017
Curator | Cristina Carrillo de Albornoz
Photos | The Archives LLC – Milton H. Greene, Iconic Images
Client | CascaiShopping & AlgarveShopping – Sonae Sierra
Executive Production and conception | Creative Industries Programmes by SC
Construction | Oficina de Museus
Special acknowledgment to Joshua Greene
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