“Landscale” was our answer to an invitation to create a piece for LAPA – Land Art Project Azores, at the Lakeshore of the Blue Lake of Sete Cidades. This measurement instrument, a seven meter long graphical scale, invites people to quietly contemplate the monumental landscape around, while confronting their own scale with nature.

The piece was realised with Cryptomeria Japonica wooden beams, a very soft Japanese cedar, which was introduced in the past on the Azorean islands. There, Cryptomeria found the perfect climate to grow and has been increasingly explored ever since.

The black and white contrast, was given by the partial carbonisation of the beams after being assembled together. The process of burning wood surfaces, called Shou Sugi Ban, was created in Japan for this same species in order to give it more resistance and to create a natural protection allowing the wood to be outdoors.


wip_locationmontagem wip.jpgwip_landscale-5wio_landscale 4.JPGwip_landscale-2landscale_02-lowlandscale_04-low

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Project: Landscale

Typology: Installation, Urban equipment

Client: LAPA Land Art Project Azores 

Year: 2016

Location: Sao Miguel island – Azores, Portugal

Team: Giacomo mezzadri, Joana de Oliveira

Production: Ventoencanado

Suppliers & Sponsors: Ponta Delgada Municipality, Sete Cidades Council and Central de Madeiras

Photos: Mezzo Atelier,  Filipe Tavares

Video: Ventoencanado & Mezzo Atelier

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