We were commissioned to develop tridimensional graphical elements for three walls of video producers’s studio, That’s Motion, in Piacenza. The collective had recently settled base in a ground floor of an historic building and felt the need of a common element which could add a common identity to the several rooms. The created objects are geometric islands with an imaginary topography forming three groups, each in a wall, working as a fragmented triptych.

salaingresso_mezzo atelier__Federico Maccagni copia internogrande_mezzo atelier__Federico Maccagni salapiccola_mezzo atelier__Federico Maccagni/Users/imac/Desktop/PROJECTOS/24_murais studio design/Drawing1.d

PROJECT: “Archipelago” I ¬†Tridimensional murals
TYPOLOGY: Installation
CLIENT:¬†That’s Motion
YEAR: 2015
PRODUCTION: Mezzo Atelier
PHOTOS BY: Federico Maccagni
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