Together with Argot ou La Maison Mobile, Mezzo Atelier was invited to tutor a practical workshop in architecture, organised by UAL ( Autonoma University of Lisbon) and Vitruvius FabLab with the support of Almada’s municipality. InSitu’s edition in 2013 focused on 2º Torrão neighbourhood in Trafaria.

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With a group of 10 participants and the community we have worked with the theme of urban vegetable gardens. After a period of research to understand the quarter and its people, we’ve decided to create support structures for the gardens in 3 different areas of the neighbourhood. By introducing the basic urban equipment we have generated places for encounters and for sharing. To help people starting to grow their own gardens we have also created a simple brochure showing all the steps and tips to grow a vegetable garden, to make a compost and to build more flower pots.

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Photos by Mezzo Atelier and Fabio Petronilli

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 Photos by Maria Branco

The workshop’s process and the neighbourhood’s story were captured by our friend and collaborator Fabio Petronilli. Watch the documentary below.


Project by Argot ou La Maison Mobile + Mezzo Atelier


Carolina Delgado, Clara Scarlatti, Costanza Manzoni,

Diogo Cruz, Emanuel Diogo, Madalena Pereira,

Maria Branco, Mónica Silva, Paulo Pina, Pedro Amaro

Film by Fabio Petronilli

INSITU – Laboratório de Intervenção em Arquitetura

September I October 2013

Organization – CEACT/UAL e Vitruvius FabLab / ISCTE
Coordinators – Pedro Campos Costa, Filipa Ramalhete, Sérgio Silva e Alexandra Paio
Tutors – A+LBY Architects | Argot + Mezzo Atelier | Atelierbase | Ateliermob | Like Architects

Thanks to

Sr. Zé Paulo, Artur, Telmo, D. Fernanda

Carlos and Carla from Café Convivio, Marcio,

and all the children that happily helped us.

To the municipal nursery for having contributed with all the plants and trees.

To the community for their sympathy and generosity.

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