Mezzo Mercato


Photo by Luca Rotondo

Mezzo Mercato was created to answer a call from an Esterni competition that would select the best projects relating street food and urban design. From more than 350 international candidates, Mezzo Mercato and 11 more projects were selected to be part of the Public Design Festival  in Milan during the Design Week as part of Fuori Saloni events of 2014.

mezzo mercato_ensamble 03

Photo by Luca Rotondo


Photo by Luca Rotondo


Mezzo Mercato, a revisitation of the traditional market stands, are a set of mobile units witch allow multiple spacial designs and combine the sale of products with leisure in public spaces. This project is a prototype of a gathering market, where you are invited to spend time enjoying local food, getting your groceries, reading your book, or having a drink with friends.




mezzo mercato_Eat module 02


Photo by Luca Rotondo

Each module brings a different function into a public space, and together they are able to increase dynamics between people and the created spaces. The number and type of modules can easily adapt to different conditions and necessities and are light enough so they can be transported by one person or carried by bike.

When Mezzo Mercato was still an idea it looked like this.




Mezzo Mercato’s building process, like most of our projects, is developed in our own workshop. Here are some of the steps of this self made project.


mezzo mercato_process 03

mezzo mercato_process 01

For more info about the project and commissions feel free to contact us.


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