Pink House

In the Atlantic island of São Miguel, in Azores, an old stable will soon be converted into two guest houses. The clients are a couple determined to share the beauty and costumes of their native island with the people they’ll receive at Pink House. Together we have developed a program that would fit the demands and expectations of those who travel  to the Azorean islands looking to discover it’s nature, culture and people, while being comfortably accommodated in a rural atmosphere, instead of a generic hotel.

mapa sao miguel copy

photo existing building

/Users/joanaoliveira/Documents/work/00_projectos/01 Restauro Vac

Plans level 0 and 1

The design’s main goal was to keep the construction’s character and it’s rural atmosphere, while adapting it’s structure to a completely new typology and contemporary regulations. New openings where carefully shredded in the façades and a new volume was added to the main construction, allowing for a second, smaller house to appear integrated in the whole. The bigger house develops in two levels. The ground floor is opened to the surrounding exterior spaces and reaches out to it’s different heights, creating a semi-level floor where an open social space gives access to the private suites and service area. The upper floor contains the social spaces and it was designed as a free plan so it could be taken advantage of the roof’s structure and it’s height. From the kitchen there’s access to an open terrace situated on top of the smaller ground floor house./Users/joanaoliveira/Documents/work/00_projectos/01 Restauro Vac

/Users/joanaoliveira/Documents/work/00_projectos/01 Restauro Vac

West and East façades

Some new elements we have integrated like the exterior stairs and the chimney, or the use of whitened wood in the interiors are re-interpretations of the traditional architecture in the Azores, witch we wanted to dignify with this project. Keeping it’s original colors, pink and yellow, was also an important issue to maintain it’s integration within the context, as all the buildings in the street, kept in the same family for generations, still have them.

vista externa 02

vista Externa 01 copy

vista externa 03 com menina

Internal view from the entrance

quarto 2 01


View from living room and kitchen

Renders by Gabriel Ranieri and Rodrigo Tamburus

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