What happens when you add a different element into a known geometric solid? The principle of the design exercise for 3Lamp was based on this question.

imagem 01

By assembling several equal isosceles triangles we can build all types of pyramids with different bases, but when we add an equilateral triangle to the equation, the result is a disturbed and uneven geometric solid. The new created shapes gain complexity and dynamism comparing to the classic ones. Its views are no longer symmetric and predictable. On the contrary, they change depending on the point of view, and draw freer lines.

imagem 02

The presented trio of colorful lamps aims to add a contemporary and informal character into spaces. They can be put together or split in different atmospheres and still be seen as whole.



They are made out of only two kinds of metal triangles, cut digitally, welded together and finally painted each with a different color. This manual process is extremely clear in the resulting pieces and reveals it’s low cost character. 

imagem 03


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