It all started with a line that didn’t detached from the paper. Its continuous path revealed a chair’s structure.

The design of Line begun with this drawing exercise and developed further with experimental models using 2 mm wire. The next step was to build a 1:1 prototype with metal tubes. For that was necessary to create an iron mold, witch allowed replicating the chair infinite times. Having that, one 6 meters metal tube, bended into a chair easily with just one point of welding.  

line 2


This chair provides a structure that allows multiple aesthetic variations, but still following its main principle of simplicity. The seat and the back are the variable elements witch will add different characters to Line, making it very flexible and adjustable to different settings and people. When using only steel, the chair can be placed outdoors, while when it’s upholstered, it gets warmer and cozier for interiors.


striped 2

Striped – Steel


Fofa – upholstered



Fofa – upholstered with vintage linen

 Line’s building process, entirely handcrafted and self-constructed revisits traditional materials and methods that are becoming increasingly uncommon nowadays.



32 1,2,3... line!JPG




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