Pim, the Whale, was born as part of the annual public art festival Walk&Talk that takes place in the Portuguese island of São Miguel in the Azores. The event brings multidisciplinary artists from all over the world to participate in the development of a spread open-air museum and to exchange experiences with local artist and communities.

 The proposal of realizing a sperm whale was an instinctive desire of reinterpretation of this mythical animal that since years has lent its image as an icon of the Azorean archipelago. Character of many literary stories, the whale has been representative of discoveries trough the world and the man itself, as for Pim is also a symbol of my own journey.

 Built out of steel tubes welded together, this synthesized “skeleton” is in constant mutation. The shadows created in the surfaces around it, as an extension of its own body, keep moving according to the sun and light direction, creating a dynamic experience.

 The whale’s apparition on earth is meant to establish a dialog with people. Its structure reveals an inner space that can be explored and occupied as a recreational and ludic element. From these spontaneous moments, Pim collects fragments of stories from the inhabitants and travelers passing by.

1 baleia frame

2 baleia PIM

4 baleia PIM

5 baleia PIM

6 baleia PIM

7 Baleia PIM

8 Baleia PIM w

10 baleia PIM w

11 baleia PIM w

9 baleia PIM w

12 baleia PIM w 13 baleia PIM w


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